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Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
Indogulf Group supplies strong single-wall cardboard boxes, available in many stock sizes.

Why choose single-wall cardboard boxes.

  • Ideal for light to medium packaging use, posting and storage. 

  • Created from a single corrugated layer of cardboard, with a Kraft outer. 

  • Durable and strong, our single-wall boxes retain their shape even fully loaded. 

  • Supplied flat packed for convenience, and easily assembled in seconds. 

  • Made from biodegradable cardboard for an environmentally friendly, recyclable storage solution.

  • Every single-wall box bears a reference number for easy identification when packing or posting multiple boxes. 

Order your single-wall cardboard boxes now by calling our team on +91-22-23455220, +91-22-23455354 / 55

If there is not a style, size or grade to suit your application, please just call us and we can produce bespoke cardboard boxes to meet your needs. 

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* Vari Depth Creased at 89 & 178mm (3.5 & 7 inches)

** BDC Boxes Printed with Contents panel on side panel – Fashion/Catalogue/Retail

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